$150 billion is spent each year on U.S. corporate real estate with no one in it.

(*) Research Report: Space Utilization, The Next Frontier

Savings are calculated based on the average of 41% of U.S. corporate real estate being empty.

Reduce space. Strengthen health & safety. Save jobs.

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The Anti-Camera— Secure and Accurate

Density’s A.I. sensor network creates a live link between the places you manage and the people you serve. Organizations use Density to ensure building systems, spaces, and services keep occupants safe and happy.

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Real-Time Data & Alerts

Know exactly how many people are in your rooms and buildings, right now. Create alerts to know when places get busy—or quiet down.

Spaces that Perform

Density Dashboard gives you analytics and insights to boost operations efficiency, improve people's experience—or both.

A.I. Enabled Software

Deploy the world’s most accurate, fully anonymous people-counting technology in any indoor location — even in restrooms. At no point is personally identifiable data captured.
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