Maximize the value of every space.

Find the right solution to measure, understand, and improve your space.


Make the most of your investments in workspaces.

See how your office spaces are actually used with real-time traffic patterns from Density’s radar-based sensors. In a survey, 60% of employees expressed concern about cameras in their workplace. Density lets you understand and invest in workspaces based on actual use, without compromising on privacy.

Modern office space
Hotel lobby

Host more brilliantly with data.

93% of guests agree that hospitality quality can make or break a trip. Whether you need to refill food faster, dial cleaning schedules up or down, or add staff to host more brilliantly, Density gives you a proactive way to be there at the right time. Plus, using Density’s radar-based sensors protects guest privacy – unlike cameras.


Cultivate a world-class learning environment.

72% of students have been affected by a lack of access to a quiet space to study. Density transforms educational institutions by giving students and faculty real-time info on how spaces are used, from libraries to dining halls.

Airport lounge

Provide guests with real-time updates.

As airport lounges reach record popularity, delivering a premium experience is more challenging than ever. Monitor lounge occupancy to ensure you’re staffed and resourced appropriately, and let members see how busy lounges are at any time.


Get your gym to peak performance.

Less waiting, more sweating. 44% of people avoid going to the gym when it’s too busy. Density helps gyms optimize layouts and staffing, so that members can do their reps in record time. By understanding equipment usage patterns, gyms can invest wisely in maintenance and prioritize member satisfaction.

Public gym
Retail store

Create a better shopping experience.

People hate waiting - 82% of shoppers avoid stores with a line. Density’s real-time data can help you minimize waits by adjusting staffing or suggesting self-checkout alternatives. Understand where shoppers spend the most time in your stores and adjust your layout and inventory to grow sales.

We’ll help you measure, understand, and improve your spaces.

Density connects the dots between your spaces and how people use them. Let us help you make strategic decisions that cut costs, deliver better spaces, and future-proof your real estate strategy.
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