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The people counting platform
Make safer, more cost-effective decisions about your space with an accurate, anonymous, real-time people count.
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Our Solutions
Understand how any space is used
Seamlessly count people as they move through any entry point or open space.
Intuitive software. Better insights.
Safe Display
Safe Alerts
Safe Analytics
Real-time space availability
Scale to any space
Increase productivity
Lease and cost avoidance
Smarter CAPEX investments
Modern portfolio measurement
Our Sensors
Building. Floor.
Room. Desk.
Density's Entry sensor calculates the occupancy of whole buildings and floors while our Open Area sensors are designed to measure all the points-of-interest in between.

Building, floor, room, or desk, Density has you covered.
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Open Area
Available now. Limited supply.
Anonymous by design
When considering sensor technology, it's important to ask, "What do your sensors see?"

Density's custom depth data is not only less invasive than a camera, it's more accurate.
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The standard in security
Anonymous by design means anonymous at source. Density cannot collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
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