Density measures the real-time occupancy of

The Anti-Camera —
secure and accurate.

Density uses state-of-the-art depth data, computer vision, and deep learning to anonymously count people.

"Since it's tracking movement, it doesn't know who's coming through those doors, alleviating privacy concerns."

Wasted space is no longer a mystery.

Density is used by workplace teams to understand how offices are used.

Available conference rooms are now obvious.

Access your utilization data inside any workplace application.

"Customers can count how many people enter and exit a physical space and integrate it into their pre-existing software solutions."

Use our applications, integrate with others, or build your own.

API Docs

Designed for enterprise deployment.

  • Professional industrial design
  • Enterprise grade security
  • No additional gateway required
  • WiFi or PoE support (Cat5e-6)
  • Multiple mounting options
  • 24/7 dedicated support

We make people count for

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