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Every building
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Not sure what your workplaces should look like? You’re not alone. Density can help.
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The stories behind the future of work

One-on-One conversations with industry leaders about the biggest challenges and opportunities they face today.
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Trusted Space Analytics for a Flexible Workplace


Density measures occupancy and space utilization so you can make informed decisions.
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Identify popular and underutilized spaces. Forecast future use of your space.


Know how to improve your workplace, and reduce OPEX costs.
Our Sensors
Building. Floor.
Room. Desk.
Entry captures the occupancy of whole buildings and floors.

Open Area measures all the points-of-interest in between.

One Platform for All Your Spaces

One Platform for All Your Spaces

Employee Insights On Hybrid Work

Hybrid work is still very much a mystery, which is why we partnered with our friends at YouGov for our 2022 Employee Insights On Hybrid Work Report, to help you better understand your employees’ needs, so you can build better spaces.

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"Like everyone we've had to rethink everything, from A to Z, about what our real estate footprint looks like, how we use space, how we used to use space, how we will be using space."
Devorah Rosner,
Sr. Manager of Global Workplace Operations, Twilio

Density Sensors Are Not Cameras

Measuring your workplace shouldn't risk privacy. Our custom depth and radar-based sensors are incapable of capturing personally identifiable information. Privacy is guaranteed. 

We’re proud to show you what our sensors see:

Our commitment to privacy

Open Area

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"It was important for us when we were putting in space sensors that they not identify people. We have to be careful of our business, and we have to be protective of our business. But we also have to be protective of our employees' information and data."
Larry Charlip,
VP of Facilities Management and Corporate Real Estate, Take-Two Interactive

Design Better Spaces and Save Millions in Avoidable Real Estate Costs

See how Fortune 500 companies use Density to manage and optimize millions of square feet of real estate across the globe.
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