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Design better workplace experiences.

See how density works

Measure more square feet.

With fewer sensors.

Understand space use.

While respecting privacy.

Turning workplace insights

Into workplace actions.

Where sqft meets ROI.

See how global teams use Density to optimize and future-proof their real estate strategies.

Share metrics with team members
5 critical mass days in February
Average time used
Time used is average
23 ppl
3,308 ft2
Cost per ft2
$60 / ft2
Total cost

The DNA of your space.
In one platform.

Highest occupancy
Most in-demand 
spaces and amenities
Utilization is good
of meeting rooms used by 1 person.

The blueprint for a smarter
space strategy.

Leverage Density insights to transform spaces, boost ROI, and enhance in-office experiences.

RTO Success

Strategize and adapt with clarity

Portfolio Performance

Evaluate, optimize, and reduce CRE costs

Space Design

Get the most out of every square foot

Workplace Experience

Effective design through accurate data

Intelligent Cleaning

Control cleaning costs with occupancy-based routines

Space Availability

Create the frictionless office your team expects

Always private (unlike cameras).
Always accurate (unlike badge data).
Always on (unlike batteries).

Meet the sensors that power the platform.

Incredible accuracy. Anonymous by design. Delivering the data you need to make every square foot count.

Entry Sensors

The most accurate and versatile entryway sensor ever built.

Open Area Sensors

Greater coverage. Fewer sensors.

New and Noteworthy

Beyond desk sharing ratio for occupancy planning measurement

Beyond desk sharing ratios: the new metrics for smart occupancy planning

Go beyond the desk sharing ratio metric to achieve efficiency in occupancy planning without compromising experience.


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