The People Count Analytics Platform

Improve operations & protect occupant privacy with Density's real-time people counter.


The Anti-Camera—Secure and Accurate

Density's powerful sensors use state-of-the-art depth data, computer vision and deep learning to accurately and anonymously count people.

Optimize Your CRE Portfolio

Gain new insights into how your space is utilized across your portfolio. Repurpose underutilized space to cut costs or optimize space for future growth.

Strengthen Physical Security

50% of people who enter a building don’t badge in. Combat entrance tailgating and see real-time occupancy of every room to guide effective emergency response.

Improve Workplace Experience

Boost employee engagement and productivity by making data-informed decisions about floor plans, amenities, conference room availability and more.

A.I. Enabled Software

Deploy the world’s most accurate, fully anonymous people-counting technology in any indoor location — even in restrooms. At no point is personally identifiable data captured.

Teams Who Count On Density

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