How busy is

With Density above a doorway, we'll tell you.

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With Density above an entryway, customers use our API to access how many people have visited. From hospitals to homeless shelters; coffee shops to corporate campuses, Density helps people make better use of their space.

Powerhouse in a small package.

Density uses cutting-edge depth technology, computer vision, and an onboard quad-core processor to anonymously measure and manage entrances and exits through a door.

The advanced technology is intelligent enough to handle complex human behavior -- group collisions, bi-directional movement, lines and lingering.

Anonymous by design.

Density is a modern system intended to promote and protect your privacy. Sensors will not be able to determine age, gender or ethnicity.

Density can be deployed into places a video camera cannot go -- stadium bathrooms, churches, secure corporate offices, elementary schools, and dressing rooms. Users can finally rely on a system that doesn’t need to invade patron privacy to be useful.

“Our users have been asking ‘Is it busy’ since we started the company. Density can help us provide that insight.” —Darren, CEO of Workfrom

As low as:

$45 / door / month

The hardware is free. Simply pay for the data.

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