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“The Internet of Things is mostly a bunch of crock, but a small hardware startup called Density has produced something that finally made me believe.”

Simple design

Density is an elegant, self-installable people counter built to live anywhere and last. Measure a network of spaces in real-time at any scale.

“The sensor’s timeless look is a complement to any space and its physical simplicity affords users simple, self-installation anywhere.”

Secure system

Go where a camera can’t. Our sensors are anonymous by design. Density does not collect any personally identifiable information.

“Since it’s tracking movement, it doesn’t know who’s coming through those doors, alleviating privacy concerns.”

Integrated data

Deploy above any door, across any set of rooms, and add that data to any system with the Density API.

"Customers can count how many people enter and exit a physical space and integrate it into their pre-existing software solutions."

“Density will allow us to accurately understand foot traffic and occupancy at our support centers. The data we will receive is invaluable to better staffing and delivering the best service to our partners when they come in to visit.”

“Our users have been asking ‘Is it busy?’ since we started the company. Density can help us provide that insight.”

“Measuring our campus’ high volume areas is a win for both students and staff.”

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