Keep Your Employees Safe

Accurately measure & monitor the density of people in your workplace—without violating privacy.

Main Lobby Capacity: 280
295 Over capacity!
12a 6a 12p 6p 400 300 200 100

The Most Scalable People Counting System

Accurate. Anonymous. Real-Time. Density gives you powerful, modern software to understand how your spaces are used.

You’re in good company.

Join the teams, both big and small, who count on Density.

The Anti-Camera: Secure & Accurate

Unlike cameras, Density generates highly accurate people-count data. Also unlike cameras, it doesn't capture or transmit any personally identifiable information (PII).

Anti-Camera Featured Image

Occupancy Monitoring

Get alerted when your spaces are too crowded


Over-Capacity Alert!

Metro Market is over-capacity. Current occupancy: 18. Target Capacity: 13.

Portfolio Optimization

Identify wasted space to reduce OPEX spend


Potential Savings!

Community space hasn’t been used in over 2 months. Take action, save money.

Usage-Based Services

Staff & service your space more efficiently


Cleaning Reminder!

Conference Room B has been used 2 times today and needs to be sanitized.

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