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We turn data into actionable  insights that improve workplace ROI.
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Create the right mix of space types

Compare the performance of space across your portfolio.

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Know which designs to implement, where

Create better employee experiences.

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Understand why and how people use your spaces.

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Make smarter CAPEX investments

Discover which amenities your employees prefer.


Density is your workplace's source of truth

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Density's Workplace Benchmark Report

Based on anonymous, granular insights derived from Density sensors, the report provides a unique insight into real-life usage

Working closely with Fortune 500 clients, Density Advisory has uncovered a key insight about RTO success: often, it's the bosses themselves who are the catalyst for change.

How manager presence boosts return to office (RTO) success

Our deep dive into the data revealed a common thread among teams that consistently work from the office.

Enhancing workplace experiences through improved traffic flow

Enhancing workplace experiences through improved traffic flow

The flow of people in the office is much more than just movement.