Meet the sensor that can cut the cost to measure your workplace by half.

Anonymity matters

Privacy and data protection are at the core of every aspect of our business, from initial product design and development to device deployment and our personnel policies.


Nobody wants to be tracked. We get that.

Unlike cameras, the GDPR-compliant sensors we’ve developed are anonymous by design. They can’t capture any personally identifiable information (PII), and no data captures leave the sensors during normal operations. This gives our customers the benefit of highly accurate analytics and applications, while safeguarding occupant privacy.

We believe buyers have rights

Especially when it comes to connected enterprise hardware that’s deployed in public spaces and/or sensitive areas, buyers should know where, how, and by whom their products are made.
Here’s how Density does it:
  • All devices are built using custom components, which we design in-house, and standard hardware components
  • We manufacture the devices at our factory in Syracuse, New York
  • We control 100% of the software (firmware) that is loaded on to the device and use cryptographic integrity checking to ensure that only authentic and authorized software is uploaded to the depth-processing system
  • All of the hosted services that Density’s sensors use run on U.S.-based servers we control
Data Security
Built with industry-standard best practices
When it comes to data protection and security, every element of Density’s service—the Density sensor, APIs, cloud-hosted infrastructure and software—is designed to capture, process and transmit data securely. Our platform is built and maintained by experienced teams with extensive experience building secure technology systems for enterprise customers. Questions related to data security? Email
  • HTTPS/TLS 1.2 encryption over Port 443 (data in transit)
  • AES-256 encryption (data at rest)
  • Regular over-the-air firmware upgrades and security enhancements
  • Validated by 3rd party vulnerability tests
  • Redundant cloud-hosted services
  • OAuth-enabled single-sign on and enterprise identity management options
  • 2-factor authentication with your SSO provider
Network Security & Data Transmission
Device Hardware Security
Account Security
Account Permissions
Password and Credential Storage
API Authentication
GDPR Compliance
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