Better workplace experience.
Higher real estate ROI.

Density Atlas turns data into insights that cut costs, deliver better spaces, and future-proof your real estate strategy.

Insights from Atlas inform smarter investment decisions, drive cost saving initiatives and create a better human experience.


Connect the dots between your workforce and your workplace.

Metrics to help you measure,
understand, and improve your spaces.

Critical mass

Find the sweet spot of space types and square feet that deliver the best in-person experiences.

target time used

See which spaces and amenities bring people in — so you can replicate what’s working.

operating hours

Exclude non-working hours for accurate reporting.

Calendar View utilization

Identify and predict trends in space performance.

Modern metrics for the modern workplace.

Observations brings data to life with context that you can easily share.


Provide visibility into building usage with context. Log events (“offsite held”) to give colleagues one-click access to details.

With data, context is king.


Name spaces and amenities based on your needs.

Floor occupancy Trend chart

See peak and average occupancy week over week.

From data to action.


Bring utilization to life. Heatmaps capture how people vote with their feet.


See how behavior impacts your spaces so you can make meaningful decisions faster.

30% of meeting rooms were used by 1 person.

seamless export

Atlas makes it easy to export building and floor level data so you can share insights stakeholders actually understand.

See how one Fortune 500 company solved a costly challenge with Density data.

density demos

How It Works