Measure occupancy without invading privacy

Discover the data that can guide growth, efficiency, and higher employee retention.

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density entry

Entry is anonymous by design

Each sensor picks up only the data needed to measure your workplace, understand occupancy and how each space is used. Naturally, Entry collects no PII whatsoever.

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Density is your building's source of truth

Preserves privacy
Easily navigable analytics & reporting
Badge Data
Wi-Fi Tracking
Seat Sensors
Manual Count

No batteries required

Density sensors are hard wired, deliver better coverage, require less maintenance, and are ultimately more cost-efficient.

Privacy is a human right. Density is 100% anonymous.

Entry uses depth-sensing laser technology to count people entering or exiting through a doorway. The sensor is anonymous by design and incapable of capturing any personally identifiable information (PII).


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