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Measure occupancy trends without invading privacy
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Anonymous at Source
Entry uses depth-sensing laser technology to count people entering or exiting through a doorway. The sensor is GDPR-compliant, anonymous by design, and incapable of capturing any personally identifiable information (PII).
Our commitment to privacy

Predict How Every Workspace Works

The new workplace is filled with uncertainty. How many people come — and will come — to the office? How often? Entry’s insights answer these questions, helping you adapt to a changing workplace and confidently manage your entire portfolio.

Best in Class Technology
Preserves privacy
Robust analytics and reporting
Badge Data
Wi-Fi Tracking
Seat Sensors
Manual Count
Badge Data
Wifi Tracking
Seat Sensors
Manual Count
How Teams Use Entry

Capture Building and Floor Occupancy

Reveal the busiest times of any building or floor. Track occupancy trends over time.

Right-Size Your Portfolio

Repurpose underutilized buildings or floors. Accurately forecast future real estate needs.

"A data-driven strategy gives the planning, real estate, and workplace teams insight into how to better adjust the ratios and the capacities of different space types to align with the demand."
Nida Mehtab,
Strategy Market Leader, Advanced Workplace Associates
Building • Floor
Entry by Density
Key features


See what spaces are used and for how long over a given period of time.


Visually see foot traffic patterns and where people spend the most time.


See the real-time movement of people in a given space.

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Easy integration with your choice of workplace applications.
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How can Density help you?
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