Open Area™ by Density
The new standard for counting people in open space.
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Complete Coverage
Manage your entire portfolio down to the square foot
Fewer sensors.
More coverage.
4x the coverage of existing products. Get up to a 60% reduction in deployment costs, more flexible coverage, and better data.
Measure everything.
Measure utilization for any space down to the desk or square foot. Optimize your workplace with a platform you can trust.
Anonymous by design.
Density's custom radar design is anonymous at source. The system is incapable of collecting or accessing personally identifiable data (PII).
Product Announcement
Introducing Open Area™ by Density
Over the last few years, we have been quietly working on custom radar technology to count people in open space. Unlike entry-based count, which has the useful constraint of a doorway, measuring how people use open space is a largely unbounded problem.

This presents a whole new set of technical challenges — variable space dimensions, the handoff problem, depth of field and data resolution, ambient sunlight, unstructured space, and of course, the unpredictable strangeness of human behavior...
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Open Area™ sensors
Desks • Rooms • Open Space
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