Open Area by Density
The new standard for counting people in open space.
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Complete Coverage
Manage your entire portfolio down to the square foot
Manage the new workplace.
Hybrid work changed the way people use your space. Open Area shows you how.
Measure everything.
Measure utilization for any space down to the desk or square foot. Optimize your workplace with a platform you can trust.
Anonymous by design.
Density's custom radar design is anonymous at source. The system is incapable of collecting or accessing personally identifiable data (PII).
Measure unbounded space
Open Area delivers a nearly 360-degree view of how your space is used. See the utilization rates of specific areas of your workplace, down to the square foot. Track foot patterns to better understand the effectiveness of your designs. Give your employees the data they need to make real-time space decisions.

With Open Area, measuring unbounded spaces is no longer a guessing game. Get incredibly accurate, anonymous data to manage the challenges of the evolving workplace.
Open Area™ sensors
Desks • Rooms • Open Space
Entry™ sensors
Buildings • Floors • Rooms
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