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Open Area by Density
Capture space utilization with a platform you can trust
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Measure Unbounded Space—Down to the Square Foot
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Anonymous at Source
Employees have a reasonable expectation of privacy in the workplace. Open Area sensors are purpose-built to guarantee privacy by using depth data and a custom radar system. The sensor is GDPR-compliant, anonymous by design, and incapable of capturing any personally identifiable information (PII).
Our commitment to privacy
Best in Class Technology
Preserves privacy
Robust analytics and reporting
Badge Data
Wi-Fi Tracking
Seat Sensors
Manual Count
Badge Data
Wifi Tracking
Seat Sensors
Manual Count
"I think the idea of being so concerned about desks and desk numbers is becoming less important and we need to focus now on collaborative spaces, what tools do we need, what technology do we need."
Danielle Newton,
Global Director, Workplace Experience, Zendesk
How Teams Use Open Area
Measure the utilization of ...

Neighborhoods and Desks

Measure the utilization of desks, collaborative spaces, and soft seating.

Conference Rooms

Identify the most and least used conference rooms.


Discover points of congestion in cafes or popular equipment in fitness facilities.

Workspace Assets

Learn which assets are most valuable to employees. A/B test Zoom© Rooms, seat types, or whiteboards.

Improve Workplace Performance
Room • Desk • Open Space
Open Area
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Our API, Hundreds of Apps
Easy integration with your choice of workplace applications.
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How can Density help you?
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