We use half the space we build.

Density designs and manufactures technology that measures how people use space in order to make better use of the space we have.


Founded in 2014

When we founded Density, we wanted to know how busy our favorite coffee shop was. We didn't understand why there was an API for inclement weather but there wasn't an API for how many people were in a space. In 2013, we assumed “counting people” was a solved problem.

We looked for technology that could do this and found hundreds of products—stereoscopic, ultrasound, thermal, PIR, AIR, low-res cameras, wifi tracking, bluetooth, etc. We bought them all and experimented. We learned each technology had trade-offs—they were unreliable, inaccurate, expensive, invasive, inaccessible, high latency, and so on. We decided to build it ourselves.

What began as a weekend project has become the better part of a decade working to build the standard platform for counting people. There’s so much left to do.

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Data doesn’t come at the expense of privacy. We measure places, not people.