Density Advisory

Unlock the power of every square foot.

The Density Advisory team helps you turn complex workplace data into actionable strategy.

Our solutions deliver impact.

Annual savings unlocked for an S&P 500 company.
Kept in the pocket by a firm that dodged unnecessary expansion.
Wasteful ghost meetings flagged for a Fortune 500 powerhouse.

A roadmap to efficiency.

Density Advisory goes beyond reports. Bespoke analysis, integrating Density data with internal and external datasets deliver insights that answer your unique challenges. Whether it's benchmarking analysis, custom RTO reports, or proving business cases through surveys, our team has you covered.


Your partner in data-driven decision making.

Data analysis and insights.

Uncovers patterns in occupancy and utilization to inform tailored space optimizations.

Strategic workplace solutions.

Design initiatives beyond the Density platform to accelerate business outcomes.

Performance  optimization.

Personalized benchmarks + ongoing analysis = real estate ROI.


How we future proof workplaces through data-driven strategies.


Discover & understand your specific business goals, challenges, and data needs.


Custom analysis provides tailored insights, dashboards, and dataset integration for you.


Collaborate to implement solutions aligned with your goals.


Train & empower your team to make the most of our insights and the tools provided.


Ongoing advisory generates actionable insights to optimize space through expert review.


Strategies for tomorrow are just the beginning. We provide actionable strategies, helping businesses prepare for what's next.

Invaluable insights, powered by
Density Data Lab.

Meet our secret weapon, the Density Data Lab, a collection of researchers and data scientists advancing the space performance analytics that inform every recommendation.

Navigating the unknown

Advanced spatial analytics and sensor technology inform real-time, predictive and experimental insights.

Innovating for tomorrow

Density Data Labs charts the future of workplace through research that uncovers patterns and predicts trends years ahead.

Depth and breadth

A multidisciplinary data science and research team that explores challenges

Research. insights. action.

Decode the dynamics of the modern workplace

Every square foot tells a story. From custom data analysis to pioneering research, we uncover the story of your spaces so you can design better spaces for your people and the planet.
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