Keep your workspace on track with Sensor Status

Density Live Sensor Status
April 22, 2024
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Last month, we launched Density Live, a real-time map of available spaces, built for employees. Today we wanted to highlight a feature tucked away inside Live that you may not have noticed.

Behind the scenes of every productive team lies a dedicated group of people who work hard to ensure the technology for the office runs smoothly. We want to shine a spotlight on a hidden gem within Density Live that's tailored specifically for them: Sensor Status.

With Sensor Status, you can monitor and manage your sensors with ease:

See sensor locations

Instantly view the locations of all deployed sensors laid out on your floor plan, providing comprehensive coverage insight.

Troubleshoot offline sensors

Identify offline sensors at a glance as they turn red on the floor plan, allowing for quick troubleshooting and minimal downtime

Dig into the details

Dive deeper into sensor information by clicking on any sensor to reveal its full details, including location, status, serial numbers, and associated data.

Unlike battery-operated sensors, Density's sensors are powered over Ethernet, ensuring high reliability and minimal downtime. While issues are rare, it's crucial to detect and resolve them promptly to maintain uninterrupted data capture.

Density Live, including Sensor Status, is now available at no additional cost to all existing Density customers. You can find Sensor Status inside the settings by turning on the Sensor layer.

If you’re a current or prospective Density customer and want to learn more about Density Live or Sensor Status, email us at: