Clean with intelligence

Smarter cleaning for smarter spaces.

Stop cleaning clean spaces. Craft a cleaning approach that's both efficient and economically sound.


It’s how we can slash a global tech leader's cleaning expenses by 30%.

Reduce cleaning expenses with the power of Density by aligning your maintenance efforts with actual space usage.

Reduce your bottom line.

Real-time utilization data shows you which spaces to prioritize and which to ignore.

Insights, not habits.

Focus energy on spaces with proven footfall, eliminating redundant efforts.

Dynamic scheduling.

Go from static cleaning routines to proactive cleaning, reducing waste and improving efficiency.


Decode the dynamics 
of the modern workplace

Our patent-pending technology revolutionizes cleaning routines, blending cost-efficiency with dynamic adaptability.
Research. insights. action.

Decode the dynamics of the modern workplace.

Every square foot tells a story. From custom data analysis to pioneering research, we uncover your story so you can operate better spaces for your people and the planet.