RTO Success

RTO. Meet ROI.

Gain unmatched insights into what's working for your workspace.


It’s how we prompted policy shifts for a global employer by revealing manager presence as the RTO linchpin.

Adapt your workplace to an evolving workforce with the power of Density.

Design for the unexpected.

As workforce dynamics change, pivot your workspaces so they remain fit for their intent.

Efficiency at every turn.

Real-time insights to ensure spaces are used to their fullest potential, maximizing return.

Faster validation and iteration.

Refine spaces to align with changing demands, boosting ROI through continuous enhancements.

RTO Strategy

Measure and improve your return-to-office

Density Atlas shows you why and where people come to the office, so you can build a more effective RTO strategy.
Research. insights. action.

Decode the dynamics of the modern workplace.

Every square foot tells a story. From custom data analysis to pioneering research, we uncover the story of your spaces so you can create the right environment for RTO.