Find and reserve available workspaces when you need them with Density Live

Density Live
March 21, 2024
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Today, we’re launching Density Live, a new app that gives employees and workplace managers real-time visibility into which spaces are available.

The pernicious problem of misused meeting spaces

We’ve all had that experience. Just as you're gearing up for a meeting, you hit a snag: no rooms available. Even though all the meeting rooms are booked, many appear unoccupied. You wander around looking for a space, wondering which rooms you can use.
You’ve just had an encounter with ghost meetings.

Ghost meetings are just as spooky as they sound. A ghost meeting is where a conference room is booked, but no one attends. These no-show meetings block off meeting spaces that appear to be used in a company’s booking calendar but remain empty.

It’s a big problem - Density analysis showed that more than one in four booked meetings are ghost meetings.

As workplaces fill up in the return to office, the pressure on meeting rooms will only continue to increase. Density found that 47% of meeting rooms were used by a single person in 2023. This misuse of meeting space can result in wasted employee time, wasted office space, and a frustrating experience overall.

The product we’re launching today is here to help employees find the spaces they need to do their best work.

Introducing: Density Live

Density Live lets you see which spaces are available at any time, with refreshes in under a second. Get ready for a more efficient and productive workspace:

Never wander, never wonder

Employees can easily see what spaces are open at any time as they plan their workday, whether they need to grab an open room for spontaneous brainstorming, find a quiet spot to take a call, or know when the cafe has open tables.

Keep spaces stocked and clean

Your day porters and janitorial staff will know when a meeting room or other space is available to clean or restock. That way they can keep spaces stocked and in good working order without disturbing employees.

Goodbye ghost meetings

Regain up to 28% of meeting room efficiency by getting rid of ghost meetings for good. With integrations into your room booking system, you can show employees when meeting rooms are booked but empty, and let them book directly through the Density Live app.


  • Real-time space availability shown on a floor plan: green = available, red = in use, and yellow = booked but not in use
  • API integrations with room booking systems like Microsoft Exchange, Google Workspace or custom apps
  • When integrated with room booking systems, Density Live shows spaces that are booked but not in use and lets employees book a room directly from the display
  • Configure and save multiple displays with 2D and 3D views and landmarks (ex. elevator locations, street names) to help employees find their way more easily
  • Admin users can see sensor locations on a floor plan so that you can easily see where they’re installed and see when any sensors go offline

See a product tour of Density Live

Density Live is available for no additional charge to all existing Density customers today.

If you’re a current or prospective Density customer and want to learn more, email us at: