Workplace Experience

Empower every employee.

Turn any space into a hive of creativity, collaboration and productivity.


We partnered with a premier social platform to create the ideal space mix loved by their team.

Design spaces employees love with the power of Density.

Tailored, not templated.

Precision-level insights ensure every space reflects the needs of its occupants.

Data-driven enhancements.

Invest in the right amenities in the right space to drive productivity, collaboration and innovation.

Trusted intelligence.

Make decisions confidently with data integrity that surpasses industry benchmarks.


Build workplaces that inspire

Density Atlas shows you how people vote with their feet, helping you design spaces based on behavior, not assumptions.

Research. insights. action.

Decode the dynamics of the modern workplace.

Every square foot tells a story. From custom data analysis to pioneering research, we uncover the story of your spaces so you can design better for your people and the planet.