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Breaking through the status quo of space analytics (Guide)

March 5, 2021

Breaking through the status quo of space analytics (Guide)

March 5, 2021
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Few business leaders can say with a straight face that they can't support remote work. 2020 proved it's possible. Data from PwC shows that more employers than employees think remote work has been a success (1).

At the same time, employees and employers alike realize the value of the office for culture and collaboration. In other words, despite the allure of working from home, employees will come back to the office. They're just likely not to come every day, all day, which is why we see an emergence of the flexible, or hybrid, workplace.

"The office is a destination," says Izzy Sanchez, Head of Global Workplace and Real Estate at Twitch. "People go for a reason, not just to put in their eight hours."

A flexible workplace gives employees autonomy over how, where, and when they work. It also gives them an avenue in which to connect with colleagues in real-time.

But for many companies, supporting this flexible, agile workplace is a drastic change. How do you continue to deliver an efficient yet rewarding workplace experience?

Data is paramount for managing change. The problem is that the tools workplace teams have historically used aren't designed to keep up with an agile new workplace.

In Breaking through the status quo of space analytics, transitioning to an agile workplace, we walk through the shortcomings of traditional space-measurement solutions (square-feet calculations, manual workplace studies, and badge swipe data). Then we show you how leading workplace teams from companies like Envoy use real-time, continuous data to transition to an agile workplace.

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"Covid is like dynamite. No one is ever going to work in the same way again." — Mark Dixon, Chief Executive of IWG


(1) PwC. (Jan. 2021). U.S. Remote Work Survey. https://www.pwc.com/us/en/library/covid-19/us-remote-work-survey.html

How do you manage the new, flexible workplace?

In "Breaking through the status quo of space analytics" we uncover the ways workplace teams can accurately measure the new, agile workplace.

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