How Okta is redefining its future of work

April 5, 2022
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In a time of so much change, the workplace team at Okta sees this as the perfect opportunity to rethink traditional notions of what work is.

“When else are you going to see so much change around the way that people work,” says Brooke Lierman, Sr. Director of Workplace Technologies.

Their top priorities as they usher in this new era of work are:

  1. Creating healthy workplaces for all their employees, and
  2. Reducing their impact on the environment

They see dynamic, or flexible, work, as a catalyst for these priorities as well as for their overall workplace sustainability initiative, which falls under three pillars.

  1. Reducing Energy Consumption. Focused on their office portfolio and work-from-home.
  2. Electrification. Electrifying their current portfolio and prioritizing 100% electric building for their new offices.
  3. Procuring 100% Renewable Electricity. So that their operations are supported by renewable energy.

“We’re making deliberate decisions about where we go, how big the space is, and what goes in it,” says Assal Yavari, Okta’s Sr. Director of Global Workplace.

Having shifted away from 1:1 desking, The Okta team is also constantly looking for ways to optimize their existing office layouts.

“By having the right size office, we’re not creating space that won’t be used,” says Sophia Duluk Beavis, Global Workplace Sustainability Manager. “We’re being efficient with our greenhouse gas emissions.”

As part of creating healthy workplaces for its employees, the Okta workplace team is designing spaces that enhance the workplace experience. This includes:

  1. Rolling Zoom screens that double as whiteboards to turn any area into a collaboration space.
  2. Smart lockers that you tap with a badge for quick and easy access.
  3. A balance of spaces for heads-down work and collaboration.
Our goal is to have amazing spaces that are incredibly efficient, and that not just help our employees, but also help the planet as well. — Brooke Lierman, Okta Sr. Director of Workplace Technologies