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To improve workplace performance, you have to measure it

Density Atlas informs better workplace experiences that lead to more efficient spaces.

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Workplace Performance

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We turn data into actionable  insights that improve workplace ROI.

Create the right mix of space types

Compare the performance of space across your portfolio.

Know which designs to implement, where

Create better employee experiences.

Validate design
experiments faster

Understand why and how people use your spaces.

Make smarter CAPEX investments

Discover which amenities your employees prefer.


Having Density sensors helps us understand how our employees really are using spaces. To understand what utilization really looks like, and how does that trend throughout the day, as well as from one day to the next.

Brooke Lierman

Sr. Director of Workplace Technologies


The idea of being so concerned about desks and desk numbers is becoming less important and we need to focus now on the collaborative spaces, what tools do we need, what technology do we need.

Danielle Newton

Director, Global Workplace


Data takes our job away from being more art than science, and it really gives us a quantitative way to start making some good decisions and with that spend our money more wisely.

Nathan Manuel

Head of Workplace Experience


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