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workplace Performance
Make Your Workplace Work for Employees
Leverage utilization data to continually improve your workplace.
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Reliable Data for the Evolving Workplace
Measure Everything
Know when and how long people use each conference room, desk, cafe, soft seating, or any space of interest.
A/B Test your spaces to find out what’s working and what’s not.
Manage Your Return to Office
Uncover why people are coming to work—and how often.
"Density Open Area sensors are a game changer for understanding how our dynamic work points are used. With a single platform, we get important occupancy data and useful movement pattern data together in one place, helping us make data-driven decisions."
Matt Harris,
Workplace Technologies Product Manager, Okta

Employee Insights On Hybrid Work

Hybrid work is still very much a mystery, which is why we partnered with our friends at YouGov for our 2022 Employee Insights On Hybrid Work Report, to help you better understand your employees’ needs, so you can build better spaces.

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Don’t Just Manage Your Workplace.

Make it engaging, inspiring and attractive to your employees. Your people are your biggest asset. Make them count.
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