Space Utilization

Optimize your real estate portfolio’s square footage and improve space utilization in every room, floor and building.

Benefits & Capabilities

Gain actionable utilization and occupancy data for intelligent space planning and corporate portfolio strategy.

Reduce Costs

Quantify underutilized space to reduce square footage or avoid waste in future programming.

Simplify Space Planning

Gain a central, intuitive UI to manage your portfolio and maximize for utilization.

Validate Needs

Obtain accurate data on how each building, floor, and building is used.

Portfolio-wide visibility

Get comprehensive utilization data to benchmark your portfolio's performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

Right-Size Real Estate

Rationalize the size and allocation of every room to align employees’ work patterns with optimal work environments.

Prepare for Growth or Consolidation

Predict occupancy trends and decide to relocate, sublease, or expand using data that’s real and accurate.

“Our clients often struggle with how to make the best decisions and Density now helps provide clarity and transparency.
- Kylie Roth Senior Director, Workplace Research

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