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Portfolio Performance
Right-Size Your Portfolio
Measure building occupancy trends to accurately acquire, repurpose, and allocate space.
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Gain Visibility Across Your Portfolio
Commercial real estate and workplace teams use Density’s objective data to make decisions with confidence and speed.
Fewer spreadsheets. More insights.
See the performance of every building, floor, room, and desk.
Future-proof the Office
Discover the spaces that need repurposing, and predict when it’s time to expand before you run out of space.
Compare and Contrast
Reveal the differences between multiple conference rooms, communal spaces and even entire divisions.
"As the head of corporate real estate, my primary concern isn’t who's coming in. I know how many seats I have, and I want to know how many people are coming in against that seat capacity."
Peter Van Emburgh,
SVP, Global Head of Real Estate, CBRE

Employee Insights On Hybrid Work

Hybrid work is still very much a mystery, which is why we partnered with our friends at YouGov for our 2022 Employee Insights On Hybrid Work Report, to help you better understand your employees’ needs, so you can build better spaces.

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Bring Reliable Data Into Your Decision Making

Density empowers you to avoid leases you don't need, invest in space you do need, open and operate the buildings your teams require, and better service the floors and buildings that get the most traffic.
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See the magic of real-time, anonymous people count.
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