Space utilization data from a platform you can trust
Gain ongoing access to objective, accurate data that enables speedy, confident recommendations on space decisions.
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space utilization benefits
Cost avoidance
Avoid acquiring square footage you don’t need, and save on your lease, cleaning, and OPEX costs.
Smarter CAPEX improvements
Invest in asset types that are used most often, and repurpose underutilized asset types (such as bike rooms) to increase overall utilization.
Modernize your portfolio
Take your organization into the future using the most advanced technology to optimize space decisions.
"Density offers targeted data about how space is used and how to make it better."
Tracy Wymer,
Vice President of Workplace Strategy
Scaling & Cloud Infrastructure
Scale with just a few sensors
Get occupancy data on a neighborhood of 1,000 desks with only a few Entry™ sensors, or up to 1,000 square feet of space with just a couple of Open Area™ sensors. Available in real time, the data is encrypted as it’s sent to our secure cloud service and made accessible via RESTful APIs.
How it works
$150 billion is spent annually on unoccupied space
80% of Density customers learn that 68% of their space is under-utilized
4.5 billion square feet of space is vacant but paid for
Anonymous by design
Robust analytics and reporting
Badge Data
Wifi Tracking
Seat Sensors
Manual Count
Badge Data
Wifi Tracking
Seat Sensors
Manual Count
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