Every Employee Has A Story:

2022 Employee Insights on Hybrid Work Report

Density and YouGov interviewed over 1,000+ employees to understand what they see as the benefits and challenges of hybrid work. Employees are demanding more flexibility, and organizations are scrambling to adapt. This report reveals insights into how employees and employers see hybrid work differently. We hope these findings help you build better spaces based on your employees’ needs.

Employees and hybrid work

Flexibility is the most important benefit of a hybrid workplace mentioned by employees.




Smart offices

The most important elements of smart offices are protection of employee PI and seamless tech experience.


They need to protect workers’ identities from hacks and data leaks.


They feature connected technology for a seamless employee experience.


Increased sustainability efforts by tracking emissions and footprints.


Custom architecture is prioritized when designing smart offices.


44% of employees prioritize a company’s sustainability efforts when considering a new job.

The where of work

1 in 3 employees would like flexibility to choose where they work.

1 in 3 companies offer flexible remote working to their employees.

Over 50% don’t offer any hybrid working options.

88% of companies are keeping their offices open in 2022.

59% of offices have stayed open throughout the pandemic.


60% of employees would have privacy concerns about camera-based technology in their workplace.

1 in 3 workplaces have introduced new technologies to help with the return to work.

3 out of 5 employees consider salary & benefits the most important element of a new job.

The majority of employees have never felt excluded by their company.

Productivity and engagement

Measurement on productivity and engagement vary.

2 in 5 employees tracked against goals.

1 in 3 tracked by volume of output.

Survey Methodology

We surveyed 1,000+ full-time US employees to understand what they see as the benefits and challenges of hybrid work.

How many employees did we talk to?

1,002 respondents completed the survey in total.

(Employees who work for businesses with 500-999 employees).
72% (Employees who work for businesses with 999+ employees).

When did we do all this research?

Fieldwork was conducted between 10th December – 22nd December.

Building a better hybrid workplace

As the future of the built world continues to evolve, so does the way we work. The companies who find success in this evolution will be proactive and strategic about implementing a flexible way of working, with the right tools and guidelines to support people to do their best work, regardless of location.

See how companies use workplace utilization data to build better hybrid workplaces.

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