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How Marriott Uses Real-Time Data to Anticipate Guest Needs

Marriott prides itself on “hosting brilliantly,” and Mike Wilson, Director of Operations at Bethesda North, is no exception to that principle.

Density is useful for Notre Dame and can be useful to other educational institutions, not only for dining but for the whole campus study experience.
Paul Turner, Director for Learning Programs for the Office of Information Technology

How Notre Dame Reimagines the Campus Experience with Real-Time Data

The University of Notre Dame’s dining halls serve nearly 10,000 people per day. Density helps the staff prepare meal plans and reduce food waste. Real-time people count data also improve the campus experience for students.

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Matt Harris Envoy on Workplace Experience
Density brings to the table this very basic understanding of how many people are in the space.
Matt Harris, Head of Workplace Technology

Predicting Employee Needs with a Responsive Workplace

No one understands workplace experience better than the team at Envoy. They’re constantly looking for ways to better the office, and they use Density’s real-time data to curate that experience for employees.

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I'm in the business of humans, and Density is in the business of humans, and we’re in a very human time.
Luke Horgan, Owner

How One Bodega Owner Uses Density Data to Protect His Community

Store owner, Luke Horgan, prides himself on serving his community, so when COVID-19 hit, he knew he had to keep his customers safe. Density helps him regulate foot traffic and maintain a safe social distance between patrons.

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I’ve been a priest for 30 years, and one of the great measures of success is butts in pews.
Friar Rick Riccioli

How One Pastor Uses Density to Track Service Attendance

Friar Rick Riccioli is always looking for ways to connect with his congregation and improve his services. He uses Density’s real-time people count data to track attendance and measure his church’s success in the community.

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Whenever we do an ad, we’ve used Density to see where it pulls and if there is a lift.
Rachel Tronstein, President

How a 100+ Year Old Furniture Retailer Stays Nimble with Density

Gardner-White is an innovative furniture retailer that is always looking for new ways to increase foot traffic. Density’s people counting platform offers them the ability to track success of marketing campaigns and store busyness.

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Density is the only reason we weren’t hit with a ticket; it saved us thousands of dollars in just one minute.
Katie Bragg, General Manager

How a Bustling Bar Saved Thousands of Dollars in 1 Minute

The popular bar O’Malley’s Alley had a problem: they kept getting fined for being over capacity. Those fines added up until they installed Density. Now, they can regulate occupancy and ensure they never exceed their limits.

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