Acquiring Nashi & Introducing Workplace by Density

Density acquires Nashi and introduces "Workplace by Density"
June 29, 2021
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In 1934, a standards document for offices called the Building Exits Code introduced a safety minimum of 100 sqft / person. It was intended to limit crowding in the event of an evacuation. In the 87 years since, "sqft / employee" has been co-opted as the common language we use to make decisions about the design, allocation, or subdivision of the workplace (e.g " is 150 sqft / employee.")

As people return to office, this fixed ratio is evolving. Our offices are orienting around hospitality; assigned space is becoming reservable for episodic use; and accurate utilization is being digitized, measured, and benchmarked. The built world is modernizing all at once and at an astounding rate. To scale and manage this evolution, so too must the software.

Today, I'm proud to announce Density has acquired a brilliant company called Nashi. Nashi is a fast, elegant system for allocating, managing, and reserving space that is unique among its peers. Their product will help powerDensity and their world-class team will be joining our San Francisco office and broader distributed team.

A typical space allocation and planning process can take months. Workplace makes that possible in minutes. The application integrates seamlessly with your HR system, mirroring your org chart. It allows workplace admins to drag and drop entire teams onto the spaces they have permission to reserve once they return.

As hundreds of our customers have migrated to unassigned seating, there is an emergent need for better tools for employees, too. Workplace is not only modern software for allocating areas to business units and people, it's also an easy system for employees to reserve a desk near their colleague, book space with their team, and otherwise get more from their place of work.

We're thrilled to welcome and congratulate the Nashi team.


Density CEO