Introducing Open Area Long Range and Open Area Short Range

Introducing Open Area Long Range and Open Area Short Range
May 10, 2023
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On May 1st, San Francisco-based Denizens (Density team members) returned to office three days a week.

As we were preparing for our team’s return, upgraded desks, more quiet spaces, better acoustics, etc., we also took the time to upgrade our office with Density’s newest sensing technology: Open Area Long Range (LR). It made our lives easier. Today we’re making the technology available to everyone.

Open Area Long Range occupancy sensor installed on a neutral-colored ceiling.
Open Area Long Range measures 1,000 square feet with a single sensor.

Installing sensors can be expensive and time consuming, even for us. So we designed Open Area LR to cover much more space per unit than the previous generation of Open Area. 35% more when installed at the same height and 247% more space when installed at 20 feet.

It is the longest range, most capable sensor we’ve ever built. Open Area LR reduced the number of units required to measure our cafe by 66%. It reduced the number of units in our conference rooms by 50%.

These reductions mean lower costs to install, speedier deployments, less network gear, and most importantly getting up and running on workplace analytics in about half the time. We’re excited to make Open Area Long Range available to all customers, today.

Open Area Long Range is the most capable sensor we've ever built.

There’s one more thing.

More than half our team is distributed: a mix of offices and fully remote work across 22 cities and 6 countries. Small spaces (like phone booths) are critical for how our team works and representative of most organizations work these days. We needed a way to understand their use as well.

So, today, we are also announcing Open Area Short Range (SR). A unit specifically configured for single occupancy or dual occupancy spaces. This unit will be available later this summer.

In preparation for our return to office in San Francisco, we assembled dozens of desks, did extensive research on monitor refresh rates, tested dozens of products, and finally landed on a refreshed office we love, we have deep empathy with our workplace customers. It is not easy to make a workplace feel effortless.

We're thrilled to be back in office and even more excited to bring products we use ourselves to our customers.