Meet Entry Long Range

Introducing Entry Long Range: auto-config, sunlight support, and unparalleled accuracy
September 7, 2023
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Introducing Entry Long Range: simple setup, sunlight support, and unparalleled accuracy

Density’s mission is to measure our footprint on the world. 

The scale of human buildings is big. It makes up approximately 3 trillion square feet of space and growing. 99% is unmeasured. At Density, we're dedicated to improving and deploying the technology that will allow us to progress this infinite game.

Four months ago, we announced our newest Open Area sensor, a major leap forward in Density's sensing platform. Today, we’re revisiting our longest standing product, Entry. 

We're thrilled to announce the newest addition to our radar line up, Entry Long Range (LR). 

Introducing Entry Long Range: simple setup, sunlight support, and unparalleled accuracy

Entry LR is the culmination of more than three years of work and improves on our original sensor in every capacity. It is more accurate, easier to install, and has zero moving parts.

Add that all up and it makes Density the most reliable anonymous people measurement system in the world.


  • Sunlight Support
  • Simple Setup
  • Any door, anywhere
  • Built to Last
  • Reverse Compatible

Sunlight Support

The variability of sunlight is an intractable problem in people counting. In the worst lighting conditions, a sensor's lasers can compete with the Sun and degrade data quality. 

Entry LR's new radar systems are completely unaffected by lighting conditions. As a result, Entry LR will produce the same precision count in all lighting conditions – sun-filled lobbies, total darkness, and everything in-between.

Simple setup

Entry LR is easy to setup and calibration is measured in minutes. Units no longer require a lengthy calibration period. They just work.

Any door, anywhere

One Entry LR can support 10-foot wide double doorways. And with multi-point install support, there is no practical limit for super wide entrances. 

Built to Last

With zero moving parts, Entry LR is built to last the life of your occupancy in a building.

Reverse Compatible

Current Entry units will continue to be supported and will keep counting reliably. Should you upgrade those units, Entry LR is reverse compatible with legacy mounts. 


Entry LR is available today.


Density CEO