Introducing: Density Adaptive Cleaning

Density Adaptive Cleaning
November 8, 2023
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Today, we’re launching Density Adaptive Cleaning, a new way to plan and manage cleaning based on real life usage.

The biggest disruption in cleaning (is not what you think it is)

The most disruptive technology introduced to the cleaning industry in the last 50 years was the microfiber cloth. Microfiber is 7x as expensive as cotton yet is now the gold standard. 

For perspective, a cotton cloth can remove 30% of bacteria and 23% of viruses. Microfiber is so effective it removes 98% percent of bacteria and 93% of viruses without water or cleaning solution. 

But the industry didn't adopt it because it was better; microfiber was adopted because it cut cleaning time in half. Today, it’s used in 78% of cleaning operations and 99% of healthcare. There hasn't been anything as game changing in a quarter century. 

The product we’re launching today has the potential to be a similar sea change in time savings.

Introducing: Density Adaptive Cleaning

Adaptive Cleaning detects unused spaces, generates an automatic cleaning plan and estimates the value of a more efficient operation.

The system helps Janitorial get their job done more efficiently, Facilities make more efficient use of their resources, and Operations plan where they need to concentrate staff in the future.

Stop cleaning clean spaces

We used our new tool to see how many untouched spaces were getting cleaned each night across the Density network.

There are a staggering 48.6% of spaces that get cleaned daily despite zero usage.

We are cleaning spaces that are clean. Hundreds of millions of square feet of space that people haven't used. Every day.

If you own or manage a space you probably had a sneaking suspicion about this. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to spot empty seats. But we’ve never been able to act on that instinct. Especially after the pandemic, cleaning isn’t something to play by ear. Adaptive Cleaning lets you cut cleaning costs without cutting corners.


  • Set usage windows: the portion of the day you'd like to analyze and clean
  • Set cleaning thresholds: the amount of time that should trigger cleaning
  • Add personnel and assign a shift
  • Draw, assign, and save cleaning routes
  • Subscribe to be emailed automatically generated plans
  • See historical spend and estimate available savings

Adaptive Cleaning identifies which spaces can be ignored allowing cleaning crews to maintain the highest standards of quality in half the time. All this happens directly on the Density platform, without unwieldy spreadsheets using outdated or inaccurate data.

Adaptive Cleaning is available today. If you’re a current or prospective Density customer and would like to learn more or get access, email us at: