The untapped potential of mindfulness in the workplace with Scott Shute

Daily practices of mindfulness can drastically enhance productivity and engagement at work. That's a core belief of Scott Shute, formerly the head of Mindfulness and Compassion Programs at LinkedIn, who sat down with Nellie Hayat to talk about the value of mindfulness and compassion in the workplace:


Shute believes mindfulness should be a cornerstone in employee wellness programs. Having the space to spend 20-30 minutes daily focusing on the present moment can significantly improve alignment with a person's professional goals and responsibilities.

"How many employees, for their jobs, need to be mentally focused or emotionally stable? Oh, all of them."

Shute finds compassion to be another under-emphasized aspect in corporate culture. According to Shute, compassion should be operationalized—integrated into every facet of business, from product development to customer relations.

"Compassion is how we do everything at work because we don't work by ourselves; we don't live by ourselves," he asserts.

To put these principles into action, Shute has founded the Changing Work Collective. This community aims to redefine work cultures by focusing on mental well-being and compassion, setting the stage for a more humane and effective work environment.

Hear more from Shute above.

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