Lewis Barker of ServiceNow

We spoke to Lewis Barker, Director of Real Estate & Workplace Services EMEA at ServiceNow, to find out his approach to reintroducing culture post-COVID and creating a workplace experience that draws people in.

"Culture was massive for us pre-pandemic," Lewis says. "I think it showed up in the workplace, and that was naturally through people interacting because you came into [the office]."

After a two-year break from regular office interactions, employees need to be reintroduced to the workplace culture. ServiceNow does this with purposeful activations.

"You have to put effort into it," Lewis says. "You have to really [be] purposeful with that activation...to make the biggest impact for that employee coming in, and the beauty is they shouldn't even know. It should just be part of their workday."

Rebuilding the in-office culture is critical because it "will be a retention and an attraction tool that talent acquisition can use," Lewis says.

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