Beyond Work with Anne Sofie Fedders & Kent Frederiksen of The LEGO Group

Novelty, play, and imagination permeate all aspects of culture and office design at The LEGO Group. Kent Frederiksen, Head of Employee & Workplace Experience, and Anne Sofie Fedders, Head of Ways of Working, ensure that work and play go hand-in-hand in the workplace by situating “play kits” around the office. Employees are encouraged to take spontaneous play breaks, either solo or with colleagues.

“For us, adding play is not just because of entertainment. That means a lot, but it's also a way for us to socialize together in a different way and to collaborate differently. It underlines relationship building and learning,” Fedders says. "It's an energizer. It's a spark. But if you add [play] consistently, you can actually see that it brings people together."

The LEGO Group's distinctive office design sets the tone for the culture they want to cultivate, and the culture itself is formed organically through playful and creative interactions between team members. It's a successful formula that makes the workplace somewhere people want to be, and it proves that playtime isn’t just for kids.

“You don't grow old and stop playing," Frederiksen says. "You stop playing and then you grow old."

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