We make people count

Our statement of purpose: To design and distribute the fundamental systems that make people count.

Our Story

In 2014, we just wanted to know how busy our favorite coffee shop was. At the time, the founders were running a bootstrapped software agency. The place was Cafe Kubal. It was (and still is) an excellent coffee roaster based in Syracuse, NY. Syracuse is in a beautiful part of the United States but during the winter months it is besieged by snow. As grumpy coffee enthusiasts, we got tired of walking through 0 degree temperatures only to find a 15-minute line at Kubal. As engineers, we didn’t understand why there was an API for the weather we were walking through but no such tool for busyness. And as naive tinkerers, pragmatists, and designers we decided it shouldn’t be that hard to build ourselves.

Forty people in 14 cities, four years, and $15 million later, we’ve since learned counting people is hard because people are weird. Humans do odd things in doorways. They bump into each other. They linger and form lines. They take phone calls, they high five, and they hold hands. People also bring all manner of things with them -- bags, boxes, dogs, bicycles, strollers, televisions, backpacks. Hell, we’ve even seen a person carrying a mannequin. It’s weird and now that we’re growing, it’s getting weirder.

We keep doing this work because we have one, shared belief. We believe that New York City would design itself differently if only it knew how it was used. We believe all cities would design themselves differently. We think it’s crazy that we’ve built so much space without measuring its performance.

The engineering and design problems our teams solve each day are bare-metal, mechanical, logistical, supply chain, embedded, cryptographic, real-time, infrastructure, machine learning, client-side, enterprise, full stack and very hard. At Density, we get to do and sell science. And the people here are great.

Our Investors

Backed by the same folks behind Ring, Stripe, Twilio, SpaceX & other industry-changing innovators.

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