What we do

Density builds the technical infrastructure for cities, buildings, and spaces to measure how they're used. Today, businesses of all sizes use our platform to keep people safe, reduce waste, and understand how the physical world is used. When we started, we wanted to know how busy our favorite coffee shop was. We didn't understand why there was an API for inclement weather but there wasn't an API for how many people were in a space.


In 2013, we assumed counting people was a solved problem. We looked for technology that could do this and found hundreds of products — stereoscopic, ultrasound, thermal, PIR, AIR, low-res cameras, wifi tracking, bluetooth, etc. We bought them all and experimented. Everything turned out to be cheap and inaccurate or expensive and invasive. Even the pricey stuff was terrible at people count. What began as a weekend project has become the better part of a decade working to build the standard platform for counting people — accurately, anonymously, and in real-time.


We have offices in San Francisco, New York City, Syracuse, and cross-functional team members in 15 states and 5 countries. We run a mixed model — co-located in some geos and distributed in others. We design and manufacture our hardware in the U.S.


We work with hundreds of companies across industry — Fortune 50 tech, corporate offices, fulfillment centers, universities, banks, state governments, etc. If you have a large real estate portfolio, we can help quantify how it's used.


We're backed by the folks and firms behind Amazon, SpaceX, Stripe, Twilio, Ring, etc.