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A new way to explore your Density data and gain deeper insights into your portfolio.

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“Density brings to the table this very clear understanding of how many people are in the space.”

Matt Harris, Head of Workplace Technology at Envoy

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Finally, accurate data on how employees actually use your
workplace conference rooms cafeterias desk areas

Insights for an efficient, enjoyable workplace

Density provides the intelligence you need to manage operating expenses and meet employee expectations. Quantify underutilized or ineffective space and improve the workday experience.

Your team's needs are dynamic — take the politics and guesswork out of space allocation

Reduce Costs

Optimize your real estate portfolio’s square footage and operating expenses with data you can trust.

Support Productivity

Give employees the space they need when they need it.

Manage Change

Pick a buzzword (hot-desking, hoteling, free address), Density will measure the actual trend.

Features and spaces

Accurately measure and monitor utilization of neighborhoods and shared desk areas

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Compare space performance across rooms, buildings, floors and shared areas to save real money on your real estate

Take the guesswork out of meeting room allocation

Measure attendance in order to right-size food prep and reduce waste

Smile, you’re not on camera :)

78% of surveyed employees aren’t comfortable with cameras for non-security use cases

  • No cameras above desks
  • Doesn't capture personally identifiable information
  • Doesn't put corporate IP at risk
  • Protects employee privacy
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