Workplace Experience

Help employees maximize their potential by enabling a data-driven workplace with Density

Benefits & Capabilities

Plan, design and deliver the ideal workplace experience with Density’s real-time data insights.

Avoid Service Shortfalls

Adjust workplace amenities to actual usage, and improve services from catering to cleaning.

Increase Productivity

Show employees real-time availability of shared workspaces, cafeterias and more.

Validate Design

Test and refine workplace designs to better support employee preferences.

Real-Time Availability

According to Gartner, employees waste 27 hours annually looking for open conference rooms. Make it fast and easy for them to find available space, from shared workspaces to cafeterias.

Usage-Based Operations

Increase operational efficiency across janitorial, culinary, and facility teams with real-time usage data and predictive notifications.

Test Design Assumptions

See utilization data on how employees interact with the work environment, and A/B test the physical world to create optimal experiences.

"Our users have been asking, 'Is it busy?' since we started the company. Density can help us provide insight. Our users love it."
- Darren Buckner CEO at Workfrom

Why Teams Love Density

Workplace Teams

  • Get insights into what employees want
  • Have the data to justify your decisions
  • Identify new opportunities to boost efficiency


  • Always find an available conference room
  • Exceptional services and operations
  • Spaces optimized for productivity and engagement

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