Flex seating
Reserve desks, allocate spaces, and integrate with the tools you already use.
Meet your interactive floor plan
Workplace by Density eliminates the need for bulky tools that slow down your workflow.
  • Manage desk configurations (assigned, team neighborhoods, reservable, etc.) in one click
  • Create floor plan landmarks (hand sanitizer stations, printers, etc.) in seconds
  • Assign amenities (dual monitors, standing desks, etc.) so employees can book based on their needs and preferences
Integrated with everything you already use
Workplace works seamlessly with your HR, communication, and IT tools – so your hybrid office experience is built on the most up-to-date info.
Reopen safely
Implement and adjust your team’s protocols on the fly to meet the needs for increased flexibility and safety.
  • Track and manage max office capacities
  • Automate social distancing and stay in compliance
  • Build in daily health checks and adapt them as needed
Density Screen Shot
What integrations does Workplace support?
How long does it take to get up and running?
Can Workplace help plan for reopening our office?
What are the pricing plans for Workplace?
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See a more modern approach to space and desk reservations.
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