Thursday, April 16th, 2020 | 1pm ET / 10am PT

Occupancy Monitoring for Grocers, Pharmacies & Essential Services

About this Webinar

Join Density for a 20-minute webinar with special guest, Luke Horgan, owner of Jefferson Bodega in San Antonio, TX. With a diverse background in psychology, programming, and data analytics, Luke first implemented occupancy monitoring technology in his store as a way to better understand how customers were interacting with digital advertising displays.

However, amid the ever-changing COVID-19 outbreak, Luke's business (like many other essential service providers) has been forced to adjust to new safety restrictions and social guidelines. Luke is using occupancy data to manage a decreased customer capacity and ensure the safety of his shoppers. They need to stay a certain distance apart and he operates a limited amount of square feet.

COVID-19 is compelling small business owners to be more diligent than ever with their space monitoring and real-time people count can help them do so.

What to expect:

  • Q&A with Luke about how he uses Density data
  • Product Demo on Density's platform
  • How grocers and small business are using data to adapt to the current crisis

Interested but can't attend? No sweat. Everyone who registers will receive access to the recorded webinar.

Featured Speakers

Luke Horgan, Jefferson Bodega

For nearly two decades, Luke Horgan has helped to position brands and driven profit by leveraging the power of data insights. Luke honed his skills through several earlier roles with increasing responsibility across Wall Street trading firms, HBO and USAA. He also founded two web design and data management agencies at the beginning of his career, and earned multiple degrees in computer programming, psychology and business. Luke is also a decorated USAF veteran who regularly volunteers his time with small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs throughout San Antonio evangelizing the people side of data.

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