Wednesday, May 27th, 2020 | 2pm ET / 11am PT

CEO Interview Series: Safely Returning to Work

About this Webinar

Join Density CEO, Andrew Farah and PLASTARC Founder & Executive Director, Melissa Marsh for a discussion surrounding the challenges of returning to the workplace.

Melissa will share her team's experience to-date in serving companies who are seeking ways to consider office re-entry.  Their approach combines social research methods of surveying and virtual staff engagement with space planning for de-densification of workspace alongside consideration of signage, policies and protocols, and staff communications.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • How to optimize the current work-from-home experience
  • How to return to the physical workplace, and
  • How to reconsider future telework and office space usage in order to accommodate a hybrid virtual and physical workplace.

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Featured Speakers:

Melissa Marsh, PLASTARC

Melissa Marsh is Founder and Executive Director of PLASTARC, a social research, workplace innovation, and real estate strategy firm, and she also leads the Occupant Experience discipline at Savills. Her work leverages the tools of social science and business strategy to help organizations make more data-driven and people-centric real estate decisions.  

Melissa combines quantitative and qualitative social science research with architectural expertise, and is dedicated to shifting the metrics associated with workplace from “square feet and inches” to “occupant satisfaction and performance.” This holistic approach enables PLASTARC to recommend evidence-based interventions that make the built environment more people-centric and responsive, promoting both individual wellness and business success.

Andrew Farah, Density

Andrew Farah is the CEO and co-founder of Density Inc, where he and his team have built a cutting-edge space occupancy platform that enables companies to measure their portfolios in real-time. Andrew has an inherent curiosity about the efficiency of systems and how people move through space. He imagines whole cities like New York being reconstructed differently if only real estate owners understood how their physical properties are actually used on a daily basis. Providing accurate, anonymous utilization data to companies in real-time can fundamentally change the way workplaces are designed. And save companies millions in the process.

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