Keep your warehouse open and your workers safe
Density is the technology that powers the largest warehouse and supply chain companies in the Fortune 100
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Prepare the building
Monitor all congestion and choke points in your warehouse. Get notifications of potential hotspots ahead of time.
Ensure business continuity
Display occupancy data to guide workers through high-traffic areas such as breakrooms, restrooms, and specific workstations.
Streamline cleaning
Sanitize equipment and clean restrooms based on actual usage, avoiding servicing places that have not been visited.
“We can’t be quiet about safety nowadays—and that's what's great about Density. It's visual and makes it immediately clear for our workers. After installing Safe Displays throughout spaces in our warehouse, we’ve decreased the number of social interactions within 6 feet by 10x.”
– Current Fortune 100 Density customer
Safe Display
Give workers the ability to self-guide in busy areas with real-time occupancy displays. No additional training is needed. Available on native app, web, SMS, and on-site digital signage.
Safe Alerts
Get notifications of occupancy, percentage of safe capacity, number of uses, and rate of entry for any space. When your thresholds are triggered, you’ll be notified and can respond in real-time.
Safe Analytics
Monitor social distancing efforts across your facilities and track building usage over time with easy-to-read dashboard and insights.
Anonymous by design
Unlike cameras, Density sensors never capture any personally identifiable information and can scale across campuses without compromising the privacy of staff and visitors. Safe is trusted by essential businesses, the Fortune 100, and the U.S. Federal Government.
Value beyond COVID-19
Space Optimization
Analyze warehouse traffic and understand how to right-size labor resources
Optimize rack configurations, slotting, and staging areas using occupancy data
Make smarter CAPEX improvements that avoid waste
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Health and Safety
Use data to inform reasonable time requirements for tasks, keeping up safe practices
Part of safe building programming designed to reduce sick days
Mitigate security risks from unauthorized building access due to tailgating
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