Notes from our customers.

Design better spaces.

"We’ve invested heavily in designing dozens of corporate office spaces and even more on our leases, yet all of our data on how these spaces are used is anecdotal. We’re using Density to see if people are using shared space and conference rooms the way we intended. We use the data to aid our redesign, change the size of our rooms, and save thousands a month on the lease of our newest location as we know exactly what type of spaces our employees need most."

— Industry: Technology

Improve experience.

"With Density installed across our library, cafeteria, help desk, and gym, we can tell our students when the least busy time is to visit. We’ve had students tell us it helps them save hours every week, and even get better grades! Our administration now has the data it needs to build out new spaces and better serve our students."

— Industry: Higher Education

Get ground truth.

"You’d never guess how many people visited your website, why guess as to how many people visited a location? GPS and credit card transactions are only partially effective at measuring the baseline and total uplift in foot traffic from our digital ads, so we need Density."

— Industry: Advertising

Secure more and worry less.

"We have a number of secure areas in our building. People often tailgate (follow someone else in) without using their own badge. It’s a security risk that our facilities team can only tackle with Density."

— Industry: Finance

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