Security Tailgating Detection that Performs

Detect door tailgating in real time—Density works with any access control

Benefits & Capabilities

Reduce risk and anonymously count every person who enters or exits your building.

Reduce Security Breaches

Identify unauthorized persons before they become a security threat.

Enable Security Staff

Alert staff when tailgating occurs while minimizing false alarms.

Employee Mustering

Know the real-time occupancy of every room to enable effective emergency response.

Real-time Human Detection

Know how many people are in every room, floor, or building in the case of an emergency. Algorithms powered by machine learning detect human movement and ignore other objects.

Respond to Tailgating Security Threats

Detect unauthorized entrances due to tailgating in real time. Integrated with an access control, Density compares the number of badge swipes to people and can trigger an alert.

Know Which Doors are Tailgated Most Often

Track tailgating incidents at every entrance to understand where incidents occur most frequently, and educate employees to mitigate unauthorized access.

How Teams Use Density

Personnel Deployment

Deploy security staff to entrances with the highest tailgating rates.

Timestamped Video Footage

Automatically timestamp tailgating events in your video feeds.

SMS Alerts

Send automated SMS alerts to security personnel.


Trigger an audible alarm to alert employees and security.


Lock secondary doors near a tailgating incident.

Educate Employees

Raise awareness around the dangers of tailgating.

Why Security Teams Love Density

  • More accurate than cameras and break-beam sensors
  • Integrates with existing access controls
  • Configurable alerts
  • More cost-effective than expensive turnstiles
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Easy to install and manage

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