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Andrew Farah


Andrew Farah is the CEO and co-founder of Density Inc, where he and his team have built a cutting-edge space occupancy platform that enables companies to measure their portfolios in real-time. Andrew has an inherent curiosity about the efficiency of systems and how people move through space. He imagines whole cities like New York being reconstructed differently if only real estate owners understood how their physical properties are actually used on a daily basis. Providing accurate, anonymous utilization data to companies in real-time can fundamentally change the way workplaces are designed. And save companies millions in the process.

Additionally, Andrew is passionate about building technology that protects the privacy of the people it monitors. He believes there’s no need to capture someone’s identity on a camera in order to know how they move through an area. As the concept of privacy (and an increasing lack thereof) has evolved into a hot topic in the cultural zeitgeist, Andrew has doubled down on the belief that technology should protect privacy from the fundamentals of its design. Hailing from Syracuse University, where Density was founded and still manufactures its hardware today, Andrew now lives in San Francisco with his wife Dori and his dog Indy.