How many people are in your building, right now?

Catch tailgaters and enable smarter emergency response with Density’s industry-leading people counting sensors

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4 out of 10 workers don't badge in

Tailgating opens the door to a range of physical security risks, including theft, violence and workplace disruption.

Density works with leading access control systems

Monitor your space with Density's real-time sensor network

Respond Immediately

Get instantly notified of a tailgating incident before it becomes a threat

Stop Unwanted Visitors

Prevent unauthorized people with malicious intent from entering your space

Know Where People Are

Accurate occupancy of every room, floor, or building in the case of emergency

Artificially intelligent human detection

Density's overhead sensor uses active infrared (IR) and time of flight (TOF) to detect humans in real-time

Every unit is equipped with sensors that use state-of-the-art edge computing

The result of industry-leading technology? 97%-99% accuracy

Customizable response workflows

10:34:22 AM

Authorized access badge detected

10:34:23 AM

1 human entrance

10:34:25 AM

ALERT: Tailgating detected

10:34:25 AM

Tailgating response initiated

10:34:30 AM

Secondary lockout complete

10:34:28 AM

Security #45 dispatched

10:34:30 AM

Tailgating subject identified

10:35:07 AM

Subject determined as non-threat

Building safety applications

Employee Mustering

Know where your people are when it matters most



ALERT: 30 people at south wing emergency muster station. Click for evacuation monitoring

Prevent Code Violations

Get alerted when your space is almost at capacity to ensure code compliance



ALERT: Floor 7 is approaching capacity. 233 of 240 people detected. Click for real-time capacity.

Emergency Response

Monitor your space and respond in real-time



ALERT: 4 after-hour entrances detected in Zone 1: Executive Suite. Click for more info.

Why security teams love Density

  • Better accuracy than cameras and break-beam sensors
  • Integrates with existing access control systems
  • Configurable, real-time alerts
  • More scalable than existing solutions
  • More cost-effective than turnstiles
  • Easy to install and manage

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