In the news

"Density pairs infrared sensors with cloud AI to measure crowds indoors"

"Startup Helps Companies Count Office Workers, But Maintain Privacy"

"Apple and YC Alums Unveil New Sensor Device to Improve Transit Experience"

"Imagine a future without waiting in line"

"A very modern solution to a very old problem of counting passengers"

"Density raises $4 million to track crowds at the DMV, theme parks and corporate campuses"

"This sensor lets you avoid crowds and long lines"

"Meet Density, a startup that lets you see if your favorite coffee shop is full"

"This Sensor Will Help You Avoid Coffee Shop Seat-Hoggers"

"A Sensor for Logging People Traffic at the Gym or Café Startup"

"This gadget will tell you if there’s a line at Starbucks before you arrive"

"Foot-Traffic Monitor Targets Wide Range of Applications"

"Density aims to end queueing for hospitals, homeless shelters, coffee shops and elsewhere"

"Density Brings Traffic Counting to New Venues"

"Density People Counter: The Tally King"

"The High-Tech Way to Avoid Long Lines"

"Never Wait in Line Again? It’s Possible With This New App"

"Sixteen:Nine Podcasts: Andrew Farah, Density"

"Want to avoid the queues? Density's clever infrared device reveals how busy a venue is"

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Three-Quarters View
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