Portfolio by Density
Portfolio aggregates data from Density sensors across a collection of properties to see how buildings and spaces are used at scale — all in a single dashboard.
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Surface Actionable Data
By the time you've wrangled and made sense of all the spreadsheets, it's two weeks old and obsolete. We wondered: "Could we shrink the process of reviewing a global portfolio to just 30 seconds?" Portfolio does just that. Rapidly inform decisions with a few short clicks.
Reopen Offices Safely
Access real-time, day-over-day return to office insights. Users can set a safe capacity, automatically track week-over-week trends, and surface anomalies that need attention.
Benchmark for the Future
Benchmark building performance against organizational standards in seconds. Portfolio provides the insights needed to right-size spaces and reinvest savings into the things that really matter: the company’s people and their workplace experience.
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See the magic of real-time, anonymous people count.
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