A smarter workplace starts with people
Use occupancy data to reduce wasted time, release unoccupied rooms, predict demand, test office configurations, and otherwise improve employee experience.
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workplace Benefits
Manage change
Avoid guesswork as some of your team works remotely or you transition to a different space.
Scale easily
Density can handle multiple points of entry, group and bi-directional movement, unlimited nested spaces, regional data, and sprawling, multinational portfolios of any space type.
Improve experience
When employees know which conference rooms are occupied, which desks are open, or whether a cafe is overcrowded, they have more time to focus.
"Meeting rooms are some of the most valuable square feet in our offices because so often they aren’t used appropriately. Density data helps us shift culture."
Matt Harris,
Head of Workplace Technology
custom reports
Flexible data
Density allows you to create reports based on your needs, so you can quickly get an accurate snapshot of the data that’s most relevant to your organization.
How it works
Customer Outcomes
“We used to clean rooms that never got used.”
“We’re spending $957,000 per month on space we don’t use.”
“Our peak desk use was just 46%. We have 2,366 seats.”
“83% of the time, our 12-person conference rooms are used by no more than 2 people.”
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