Depth is your superpower

Density sensors use anonymous depth data to help you see and understand your space at scale and in real-time.
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Pioneering new sensor
Open Area™ by Density
Understand how people use any open space with our newest sensor, Open Area™.

It’s never been possible to use the infrared technology in our Entry sensors for open space detection. Until now.

Open Area captures insights across every square foot of space. Now you can do what was once impossible — measure desk availability, lounge use, how people use an amenity, and so on — in real-time, without invading privacy.
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Any space. All sizes.
Building, floor, room, or desk, Density has you covered.
Building • Floor • Room
Entry™ by Density
Coverage: Threshold based
Hardware price: $895
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Room • Desk • Open Space
Open Area™
Coverage: Desks, Conference Rooms, and Open Space
Hardware price: $399
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Best in class technology
Preserves privacy
Robust analytics and reporting
Badge Data
Wi-Fi Tracking
Seat Sensors
Manual Count
Badge Data
Wifi Tracking
Seat Sensors
Manual Count
More coverage. Fewer sensors. Incredible accuracy.
The standard in Privacy
Anonymous by design
People are weird. They do strange stuff in space. They walk in groups and bump into each other. They linger and form lines.

To make sense of this complex human behavior, we had to design technology that generated enough data to be accurate but not enough to invade privacy.

The data you see is anonymous at source.
Cloud Infrastructure
Always secure
Privacy and data protection are at the core of our business, from initial product design and development to device management and data access policies. Learn more about our “privacy by design” approach and how we safeguard your data.
Trust at Density
Our API,
hundreds of apps
Easy integration with your choice of workplace applications.
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How can Density help you?
Workplace Experience
Space Optimization
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See the magic of real-time, anonymous people count.
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Depth processing

not cameras
Many vendors use cameras to count people. But cameras are inaccurate, and they’re anything but anonymous. Instead, we rely on a depth-processing unit that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to accurately and anonymously measure human movement. The DPU upgrades itself via automatic firmware updates, and continually learns from its environment to increase accuracy over time.
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