Featured Speakers

Tracy D. Wymer
VP, Workplace Strategy

Tracy D. Wymer, Vice President Workplace leads an investigative workplace team focused on client product applications. The work, in concert with Knoll Workplace Strategy team, focuses on the study of the workplace, understanding trends in the emerging workforce and the ability to translate those needs into specific plans and product applications. The approach specializes in discovering links between real estate strategies, theory, and practice. The emphasis is on understanding workplace performance goals and meeting them through tangible products, resources and information. Tracy is also a member of the Knoll product development team and oversees technical and media teams that provide specification, product, rendering and multimedia support for Knoll customers.

Andrew Farah

Andrew Farah is co-founder and CEO of Density Inc, where he and his team have built a cutting-edge space occupancy platform that enables companies to measure their portfolios in real-time.

Andrew is inherently curious about how people use and interact with the built world. He believes most buildings have been constructed without any hard data about utilization and that by simply measuring how space is used, we can design better cities and save companies and governments billions in the process.

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