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James Roche

With a passion for architecture and technology, Jamie Roche has been changing the world one building at a time for more than 20 years. He is the Chief Executive Officer and President of HELIX RE, the leader in creating digital twins that increase the efficiency and profitability of buildings across the globe. Never afraid to get his hands dirty, he began designing and building homes before founding and running multiple internet software and services firms including Offermatica (sold to Omniture and now part of Adobe), Fort Point Partners and Webfactory. Jamie is a thought leader in transformational technology. He was a pioneer in e-commerce, developing early transactional websites for multichannel retailers like Nike, Walmart and Best Buy. Jamie was on the forefront of technological innovation in architecture and design working at KPMG, with the first-ever team of designers using CAD to transform architecture, and with 3D innovators like Evans & Sutherland and Silicon Graphics. Jamie holds a degree in architecture from Yale University.

Chantal Wirekoh
Product Manager

Chantal is a Product Manager at Density Inc, where she is responsible for the Portfolio product experience — helping companies understand building performance at scale to derive actionable insights from Density data.

Chantal has deep experience with real estate, prop tech, and data given her architecture background and time at WeWork and various reality capture and design technology startups. She’s a huge spatial data nerd and believes that with measurement, we can build better spaces, improve lives, and moderate our footprint on the world.

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