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Andrew Farah

Andrew Farah is co-founder and CEO of Density Inc, where he and his team have built a cutting-edge space occupancy platform that enables companies to measure their portfolios in real-time.

Andrew is inherently curious about how people use and interact with the built world. He believes most buildings have been constructed without any hard data about utilization and that by simply measuring how space is used, we can design better cities and save companies and governments billions in the process.

Emre Sonmez
Head of Product

Emre Sonmez is Head of Product at Density, where he and his team are responsible for software interfaces that help companies measure and improve their footprint on the world.

Emre is fascinated by the intersection between the digital and built environments, particularly in how software can help humans more effectively use and design physical space. Prior to Density, Emre was co-founder and CEO of Nashi, a software platform that helps companies facilitate hybrid work. Before founding Nashi, he worked on enterprise-facing software at WeWork.

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