Occupancy Counter for Bars & Restaurants

See how many patrons are at your business, right now—and get alerted if you go over capacity.

How Density Helps Businesses

Easily manage foot traffic and occupancy at your business

Avoid Fire Code Violations

Prevent costly fire code violations from over capacity.

Maximize Sales

Track marketing effort to foot traffic and keep your business full without going over capacity.

Improve Safety

Take action before your venue fills up past max capacity.

Bye-Bye, Fire Code Fines

Don’t let expensive fines, forced shutdowns and fire code violations hurt your business.

Monitor Your Business from Anywhere

Know how many customers come to your place of business and gain insights into what drives business.

Simplify Operations

No more relying on guessing or hiring staff to monitor capacity with handheld manual counters.

How it Works

Quick Install

Install the Density device (not a camera) above your entrances—and connect it to the Internet. The devices are easy to install and manage.

Log into Dashboard

See real-time foot traffic data on any web browser or your iOS mobile device. Unlimited user logins are included as part of the Density service.

Get Alerts

Get an SMS alert or mobile push notification when the number of customers hits a number that you define.

Designed for single and multi-property owners:

  • Bars
  • Music Venues
  • Restaurants
  • Event Spaces
  • Nightclubs

“When you have 300 people in a bar with a capacity of 100, the staff can’t do their job and customers don’t get served. But worst of all, one ticket for violating the occupancy fire code is thousands of dollars.”

— Katie Bragg, Bar Manager at O'Malley's Alley, a really popular bar in Manhattan, Kansas

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