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Unlock Your Workplace ROI

71% of spaces we analyzed could support 4x their actual usage. Return-to-office isn't succeeding yet.

Our research of 500,000 working hours across some 2,000 different spaces revealed other surprising examples of how people use space today: multiple 22-person spaces used by just one person, communal spaces intended for 100+ people used by just three, and an $87,000 / year conference room that sits empty 80% of the time.

Our new platform, Density Atlas, was designed to fix this.

Join Density CEO Andrew Farah and Head of Product Emre Sonmez as they showcase the specific ways Atlas helps companies optimize their workplace ROI, including:

  • Discovering how employees are using their workspace: “me” vs. “we” spaces
  • Seeing which floors are the most popular (and why)
  • Identifying the spaces that could be reallocated to other functions



Andrew Farah

Andrew is the co-founder and CEO of Density, which builds technology that helps companies understand how people use their workspaces. Density’s software unlocks comprehensive insights into how workspace is used through its privacy-first sensors; these insights inform workplace decisions at companies ranging from Fortune 1000 to high growth tech, including Uber, Pinterest, Shopify, Okta and other household names in financial services, e-commerce and social networking. Today, Density partners with companies that occupy more than 1.25 billion square feet across 32 countries. Prior to Density, Andrew spent five years as a Partner and Strategic Lead at Rounded, a product-focused software development agency. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Writing and a Master’s in Information Management, both from Syracuse University. 

Head of Product

Emre Sonmez

Emre Sonmez is Head of Product at Density, where he and his team are responsible for software interfaces that help companies measure and improve their footprint on the world.

Emre is fascinated by the intersection between the digital and built environments, particularly in how software can help humans more effectively use and design physical space. Prior to Density, Emre was co-founder and CEO of Nashi, a software platform that helps companies facilitate hybrid work. Before founding Nashi, he worked on enterprise-facing software at WeWork.